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Andrew Dice Clay Now at Vinyl/Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Thu, Mar 14, 2013 by User 0 Comments
Andrew Dice Clay Now at Vinyl/Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Rock ‘n’ roll comic Andrew Dice Clay is settling down in style.

Today he launched his three-month residency at Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel by unveiling a display case that shows off five of his famous leather jackets.

Clay, a master of politically and socially incorrect humor, will shock a crowd into laughter and then keep the crudeness coming. His jackets chronicle his explosive career and have become a signature look for the comedian.

Clay wore the black-and-white-striped jacket in the center of the display at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards, where he was banned from the event for life for reciting what he called “adult nursery rhymes.”

He said that while wearing the black jacket on the left of the display, he won $1 million in Vegas — “then gave it back immediately.”

A jacket with flames up the front and “DICE” in huge letters on the sleeve made it to the display by way of Clay’s 1992 hit CD “40 Too Long.”

Clay said that he still likes to wear a plain black motorcycle jacket but that his fans love his signature loud leather jackets because their style adds to the in-your-face persona that has made him famous.

“No comic ever was as visually stimulating to an audience,” he said of himself. “As good as their material might be, they don’t really know how to put on a show.”

Clay said that at the start of his career, his goal was to be the “biggest comic the world has ever seen” — and that now, he is.

That reputation certainly held true when it came to the Hard Rock. Clay is the hotel’s first resident comedian.

We asked him what it would be like to cram his over-the-top personality into a 300-seat venue like Vinyl.

He said that a big reason he likes the space is that it’s wider than it is deep, so the audience will be right up close on three sides of the stage.

“The people are more on top of you,” he said, explaining that an environment like that is suited to his style of comedy.

“There’s no one more in your face than Andrew Dice Clay,” he said. That’s what the fans want, he told us. “They’re paying a ticket and they want to see something they’ve never seen before,” Clay said. “They don’t want to see the guy next door.”

Clay has played Vegas in venues from Bally’s to the long-gone Stardust. He’s sold out arenas and rocked venues coast to coast. (He told us he plans to return to Madison Square Garden soon.) Now that he’s settled in at the Hard Rock, he’s ready to bring heat. He predicted that after his show opens on Thursday, no other comic in Vegas will be able to sell tickets.

“I think every other comedian should leave town now,” he suggested with characteristic DiceMan swagger.

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